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Use traps, not poison baits, inside houses. Poison baits are more dangerous. Also, poisoned rats and mice will die and stink in walls and attics. Use plenty of traps in a room. Put them along the wall, in cupboards and drawers, and in other places where mice might run. Make it so a mouse won’t travel more than 5 or 10 feet to find a trap. Do this because a well-fed mouse likes to stay home. He may live for weeks in one corner of a room. Don’t expect him to cross the room to find your trap.

A mouse likes to run along a wall. Set traps with the bait treadle across his path at a right angle to the wall. Don’t set the trap parallel to the wall and force mice to go around or over the trap to reach the bait. Make it easy for them.

Snap traps are the cheapest, so use plenty. Multiple catch traps work fine, but remember to use enough of them. Sticky traps are as good as snap traps and easier to use. Ask your store owner to stock them.

What bait is good? Mice like peanut butter, bacon or anything tasty with a strong odor.

Have you caught them all? It’s hard to say. Leave the traps in place for a few weeks.

How did the mice get into the house? Discover how they got in and close the openings.

Once you’ve rid your house of mice, can you relax the forget them? No. New mice will find you. Save your traps. Be ready to go to war with mice again.

Give rats the same treatment, but use the larger rat traps. Set them only in places where children won’t get into them. For rats, you need fewer traps. A dozen for an average house is usually enough. Rats are smarter and harder to catch than mice.

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