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king County Seattle professional pest control company Expert exterminators.

Little Black Ants Are In The Kitchen and How to Get Rid of the Infestation. The unwanted pests are Sugar Ants or also known as Pavement Ants. Little Black Ants can gain entry into the home to seek out food. … Continue reading

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Cockroaches Control Removal Spray Kill Trap exterminators | Cockroaches

A Seattle apartment building has new tenants called cockroaches. The renters were all up in arms and wanted the nasty pests gone. Unfortunately, if one unit has an infestation chances are the cockroaches have started moving to other apartments because … Continue reading

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AM/PM Exterminators offer pest control services.

AM / PM Exterminators has defied convention in the Pest Control Services market with the release of AM/ PM Exterminators Seattleā€™s Pest Control Experts. AM/ PM Exterminators is a professional pest control company with exterminators services for all residential and … Continue reading

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Famous German Cockroaches Running Wild In Seattle Homes, Commercial business, Apartments Yucky Yuck – Docs.com

Roaches carry bacteria on their bodies, including salmonella, streptococcus, and staphylococcus. Implicated in spreading hepatitis virus, typhoid and dysentery. Roaches eat anything including garbage and pet feces they pick up disease bacteria, which survive in their gut for four weeks … Continue reading

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