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Attic Rodent Damage

Attic Rodent Damage

Attic Rats and mice
Damage Infestation will lead to diseases prove shown by exterminators
Rats and mice may feed from bird feeders. A squirrel guard will also deter mice and rats.

Sound or flashing lights have almost no effect repelling rats or mice. Taste and odor repellents are not registered for rats or mice.

Non-native rats and mice are not protected by law. Shooting is not generally effective for controlling rats and may be hazardous.

Sanitation is the best method of control. Trapping is cost effective, generally safe and very effective if done properly.

Fumigants or gas should be used only by licensed pest control operators.

Rats and mice stay near home. Norway rats may travel only in an area 100 to 150 feet in diameter each day.

Rats and mice and their droppings, urine and fleas can transmit diseases to humans. Use a dust mask and disposable gloves when handling dead rodents or cleaning up after them.

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