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Roach control involves more than just using an off the shelf roach poison only a roach control company can get to the source of the matter, and get rid of all roaches by getting to them at their very source. Roaches are not easy to exterminate. These are creatures that have an extra ordinary life span and longevity. We have the expertise and experience to get rid of cockroaches from their source can give you what you desire — a roach free home!

Get Rid of Cockroaches Cockroaches can invade any home – even yours… To get rid of cockroaches in Houston and stay ahead of them, here’s what you should know:
Entry Points: Cockroaches can enter your home from outdoors via cracks, crevices, and tiny openings. They can hitch-hike inside grocery bags, furniture, packaging – virtually anything. Ideal Nesting Sites:  Your home offers the perfect cockroach nesting site: Food, water, shelter and ample hiding places to raise a very big family. Reproduction:  Cockroaches are prolific and populations can explode almost overnight. One German roach egg can hatch out more than 32 cockroaches – in just 30 days. Seeing one cockroach in your home can mean many more roaches in hiding – reproducing in walls and voids. Evasiveness: Cockroaches are basically shy and primarily night creatures. But they can be stressed out into daytime activity due to over population of their choice harborage. So, if you see one cockroach in the daytime, you could have a serious infestation already. Allergies:
Some people are allergic to the presence of cockroaches and react to their feces and cast skins.
Cockroaches are one of the toughest pests to handle on your own. Many eggs, many hiding places – and some not so obvious. Without professional know-how, specialized equipment, and advanced materials, the cockroaches have the distinct advantage.